Wireless CCTV Camera Frequency

If you have decided to purchase or already have purchased a surveillance system, then you have probably gone with either a wired or wireless option. In the event you choose the wireless course; then that can help explain a number of the various wireless frequencies utilized by security cameras and what their pros and pitfalls might be.

First of most of wireless video security camera systems, in general, are subject to the chance of interference from a number of unique sources and it is important to understand particular examples for every frequency so you do not wind up with a fuzzy surveillance picture.

2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz Frequencies

These frequencies at the same time were the most popular choice for wireless security camera systems and are still in certain areas. The biggest downfalls to all these frequencies, however, are their prevalent use within a big array of other apparatus such as cordless home phones. Various companies  offer Sjcam repair (also known as ” ซ่อมsjcam  ” in Thai language )  complete protection and expert repair of your camera or camcorder also recover deleted photos and videos.

900Mhz Frequency

This frequency has been used as an alternative to the 2.4GHz and 5.8Ghz frequencies once it had been found that people were having issues keeping their wireless cameras interference free. This frequency, however, has become having contradictory problems together with some cellular towers and service zones in certain areas.

1.2Ghz Frequency

This frequency once was quite well known in the surveillance industry since it had a more wavelength which let it maneuver around objects better than 2.4-GHz frequencies can. Recently yet this frequency has been embraced as a government and law enforcement frequency.

IP / Wi-Fi Cameras

Ip address and wi-fi enabled security cameras are also a viable solution when it comes to wireless cameras, also it is much less susceptible to interference.

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