Tropical Papaya Smoothie Recipe

Sometimes is very boring to eat fruits and vegetable in raw forms just for the sake of health. You can prefer to drink smoothie to add something new to your routine life. There are many recipes available through which you can have all the advantages with a perfect taste. The best part is that most of the recipes are very easy to prepare and thus you will get into the habit of preparing them at home. This means you can be double sure about the hygienic ingredients and their quality. We are telling about an interesting smoothie recipe that can make your day happy.  You can easily drink it once in a day and prepare it at home with a smoothie maker.

Key components of recipe

–    One papaya, pre the chunks in advance

–    One cup of fat-free plain yogurt

–    Half cup of fresh pineapple, prepare chunks

–    Half cup of crushed ice

–    One tablespoon of coconut extract

–    One tablespoon of ground flaxseed

–    You can also add honey as per your taste

Why you need a smoothie maker for this?

It is better to process everything in a good quality smoothie maker. Smoothie makers are advanced machines which are designed to handle the pressure of different ingredients and crush the ice altogether. But the ordinary appliance like juicer and blender will not be able to do this. So make sure that you have a good quality smoothie maker for the easiness of preparing the best smoothie whenever you want.

Preparing them well

Now you can start the processing and put every single ingredient into the smoothie maker for the perfect results.  You can mix all the ingredients and the generous speed for at least thirty seconds. There are many smoothie makers in which you will be getting special jars and just after the processing you can serve the drink. But in case you have another type of jars with your smoothie maker, serve them in a big glass.

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