Training Problems Of Shih Tzu

Whenever any creature try to adjust in different environment then it is obvious that they will face problems and a Shih Tzu isn’t different. Shih Tzu problems can consist of biting to housebreaking issues but in case you understand why your dog is behaving in this way then it is a little easier to devise a plan change his behavior.

The Shih Tzu hates loud noises and plenty of clatter and commotion. They feel pressured and tensed when there is something loud going on or a lot of people are running around.

The most frequent of Shih Tzu problems will be housebreaking. A Shih Tzu does unlike dirt and grass so you will need to find a nice concrete and clean place to enable them to go outside. Then if they decide they do not want to go outside, or that housebreaking isn’t for the kids, then you are stuck that has a long and frustrating ordeal. Thus it is always advised to adopt positive training methods for Shih Tzu.

Shih Tzu is very stubborn creatures and in order to win you need to be more stubborn than they are usually. They are incredibly independent thinking dog that is not going to wait for you to decide what it wants to perform.

They are very confident and arrogant which can cause problems when you find yourself trying to train them. It will require a lot of patience and persistence to encourage them to understand who is boss but finally, if you always keep your cool and follow the foundations of training a Shih Tzu, you must be able to get your dog to where you are both happy.

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