Tips On Creating A User Friendly Top Level Navigation

How to Create a Clear Navigational

Path for Web Visitor to Follow?

There are many aspects Toronto web development companies need to take into consideration for creating a proper website and one such aspect designers need to focus on is precedence. Precedence refers to the way different elements on a page are presented to a user. In the following sections we will look at how it can be utilized by designers to create a navigational path for users.

Precedence and Its Usefulness

The benefit of precedence is that it helps in creation of a navigational path which you want your users to follow while browsing the website. This task can be achieved by assigning proper visual weight to different page elements. Let us go through an example to understand how it works.

Practical Use of Precedence

Toronto web developmentUse of logo highlights how precedence is used on a website. Usually, the logo is of prominent size and is added at a prime location on the site (mostly, in top left portion). This ensures that most users will be able to see your company's logo as soon as they land on your site. There are two benefits of such placement of logo on the site:

  • First your customers will know that they are on right website.
  • Secondly, logo will help in improving brand awareness for new users browsing your site.

How to make users follow precedence path?

Toronto web development companies can navigate visitor's attention towards next important element on the page after logo such as an image which tells about product or services you are selling. 

After that the main text on the site could become the next precedence level which users should browse. Here other elements (such as navigation and side bar) will play a secondary role and support main elements present on the site.

Aspects to Look into for Developing Precedence

Some of the things Toronto web development firms need to look into for creating precedence would consist of:

  • Position of Page Elements: Utilize elements that can influence viewing order of visitors.
  • Utilization of Colors: Guide user's attention by using bold and subtle colors.
  • Use of Contrast: Make use of contrast for making certain page elements clearly stand out from the rest and easily grab visitor's attention.
  • Decide about Size of Elements: Precedence can be set by using making some of the elements bigger in comparison to other. On the opposite, if most of the elements on the page are large then a specific small element will be able to draw user's attention.
  • Try Different Options: Precedence can also be set by making use of various design elements like large arrows that guide visitor's attention towards a specific call to action button.

A Final Note

We will conclude here with a final note that precedence can be quite useful in directing visitors towards important sections on a web page or towards your primary CTA elements. By proper implementation it would become possible for Toronto web development firms to create websites which achieve their desired goals whether higher conversions or sales are to be achieved.

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