Things to Consider Before Buying an Awning

Retractable – Retractable awnings come in two basic classes, manual, or motorized. Manual retractable awnings can be a terrific selection for a household on a limited budget, together with the necessity to select when to have the awning retracted and out of sight, or deployed and providing shade on a hot summer afternoon, while requiring minimal upkeep. You can get more info about awnings via

Things to Consider Before Buying an Awning

Motorized retractable awnings may be the perfect awning for someone of limited strength, the elderly, or someone with a handicap, but with the very same demands of a retractable awning. Retractable awnings require some minor maintenance such as occasional lubrication, and also the removal of leaves which may get caught in the folds.

Fixed – Fixed awnings are generally made of metal, usually aluminum, but can also, be made from timber, or thick, tough, vinyl. Fixed awnings may be used for color or to keep snow and rain from an entrance way. Fixed metal awnings are lower maintenance than retractable awnings, and can withstand stronger winds.

Fabric awning vs. Metal awning – There are several major differences between canvas awnings and aluminum awnings, the two most common materials used to make awnings. Fabric awnings have more insulating properties compared to the bare metal awning.

Metal awnings will not fray, but they heat up in sunlight and radiate warmth so the color won't be as trendy as the shade offered by a fabric awning. For those looking to have the advantages of a metal awning, with a cooler color than bare metal should consider a fixed patio awning, or patio cover (a.k.a. porch awning). 

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