Teen Girls Makeup- No Complete Denial But Let Them Know Their Limits

Young girls are fascinated by makeup from an early age. Be it applying makeup on their face or on their favorite doll’s face, they are intrigued by the colors and applications of makeup. They start experimenting with it early. They start coaxing their mother to allow them smear lipstick or apply eyeliner when attending parties.


What is the exact age when girls can start applying makeup?

There isn’t nothing like an exact age for girls, but they can be permitted after they attain puberty as they enter into their teens.

How do teens go about starting to apply their makeup?

Limit is the key word here. Start only with sunscreen foundation, eye liner and lightly colored lip balm. Be cautious when you deal with teenage girls. Complete denial is not necessary. Allow them to start their makeup by using a light organic foundation. Teach them early about the advantages of organic makeup products and the harm caused by chemical laden makeup products. Make them aware that regular heavy makeup adversely affects the skin.  

What do we need to educate them about?

Teens are often swayed by the glamour and glitz of the film and modeling world. They aspire to have flawless skin with good makeup and look attractive like the one in pictures. So teens need to be told about the contrasts of stark reality and the artificial glamour. One more thing they need to be educated is that they don’t need to wear makeup to appear like a grownup woman.

Remember to be friendly while dealing with teenage girls because if you do so, they reciprocate back in an understanding way.

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