Secure FTP as a Backup Option

Back when I was in college, it had been common to back up your job since the computers were often quite unreliable. It was not the college's fault, just the way commercial computers were in these days (about 15 years back).

Frequently someone would bemoan "My PC has crashed and I have lost everything! Can I get back it!?" , just to be followed a few seconds later by laughter and a displeased instructor who groans "You ought to have backed up it like I inform you of each lesson!".

Secure FTP as a Backup Option

The odd thing is, is that although we understood that our machines were undependable we still forgot to back anything up!

Nowadays it is not so much a case of forgetting, however, among those believing that we believe nothing bad will occur because computers are way more reliable and complex nowadays. Nevertheless, the proverbial poop can and still will hit the fan at the bottom of all times!

The conventional method to backup your important data is always to replicate it over on a floppy disc, possibly the 3.5 inch or even the "early" 5.25-inch ones. You may get SFTP Hosting to secure your website.

This was all great if you were not likely to use those copies much, but over the years that the magnetic media in the disc would hamper making the disc useless.

Another restriction was that these discs could only hold a limited quantity of information, which was fine for the time since the largest thing that you could store on these is a text record.

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