Point of Sale – An Effective Retail Industry Solution

The term point-of-sale is used to describe a variety of things. This can include the counter in the store or the place where the transaction occurs. 

More often, the phrase refers to the computerized cash register. The abbreviation commonly used for point-of-sale is POS.

A common point-of-sale system includes:

Personal Computer – This is used to operate the software and provides a hardware interface for devices like printers, credit card readers and so on.

Point of Sale Software – Software that runs on a computer, control a variety of devices, and perform traditional functions such as a ringing cash register sales. To know more about Point of Sale, visit https://www.esssyntech.com/product-category/pos.

NITA T2 mini POS Android เครื่องขายหน้าร้าน

Cash Drawer – A secure box that stores cash, checks, coins, stamps and is triggered by the software to open the post.

Receipt Printer – Print a paper copy of the sales transaction for the customer.

Pole Display – Display LED facing the customer and shows every item and price scan.

Barcode Scanner – A type of laser device which when triggered on bar code, barcode rows convert into numbers. This number is then submitted back to the computer heading for automatic price search.

Magnetic Swipe Reader – This is used to read the magnetic stripe on the back of a credit card or debit card. Information stored on this device including card number, expiration date, customer name, and address is submitted to a processing network for the final payment of merchandise.

Modem – Enables point-of-sale computer to communicate with the central-bank credit card processing center and to other locations of the chain stores.

The point of sale has become a powerful information system for managers and store owners.

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