About Marquette

marquette_and_joliet_thumbJacques Marquette was born in Laon, France. Marquette was appointed by Frontenac, governor of New France, to accompany Louis Joliet as chaplain and missionary on an expedition to find the Mississippi River. After his return from the Mississippi, Marquette decided to return to the Illini tribes to preach and found a mission. His explorations paved the way for future explorers and was one of the first Europeans to live on land in what is now Chicago.

Currently Marquette has 1,374 students enrolled. We are a diverse population with 54.3% of our student body being Hispanic and 44.7% being African-American. We embrace our cultural differences and honor all races and ethnicities.

We are privileged to have Metropolitan Family Services and Elev-8 SWOP as community partners. Our students benefit in many ways. Our after-school programs touch on a variety of interests from sports to chess to gardening to homework help.

The social-emotional well-being of our students is very important to all of us. We are lucky to have an on-site medical clinic, The Access Clinic. They provide basic medical care and also counseling for those students who may need some encouragement while at school.

Thank you to all the parents and students who make Marquette a wonderful place to be.

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