Information About Adventure Sport – Bungee Jumping

Bungee-jumping is one of the favorite adventure sports for many people. It gives extreme entertainment and great pleasure.

Physicists say that the stunning demonstration of bungee-jumping is the conversion of energy. Let see the information relating to the popular adventure sport named as bungee-jumping.

The historical past of bungee-jumping starts here. It’s really a recent activity related to the centuries ritualistic practice. It arrived out from the”Land divers” of Pentecost Island.

People did this task as offering to God. Men revealed their guts and offered the injuries to their gods to get a massive harvest they received.

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That is where the custom of somersaulting starts. If you want to try Bungee jumping or want more information, visit

Equipment required:

Special cords are fabricating for bungee-jumping according to the theory of Physics. It may be elongated into four or three times of their regular length.

They are soft and elastic cords. The harnesses derive from the climbing equipment. It does the function as a carabiner that is the most important connection between the cord and the harness.

Today, they provide proper protection facilities. They use a redundant connection, and double hookups to the jumpers, your body harness, the torso and shoulder harnesses.

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