How To Make Travel Humidor Work Well?

A travel humidor must do what its name implies, namely, keep up with the cigars in the perfect condition when you are abroad. Unfortunately, hardly any products accomplish that. The primary problem is humidification. Due to the limited proportions, there is merely a low level of air in a travel humidor. You can buy high-quality humidors from

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The humidifier doesn’t humidify the cigars, but instead the air, which in turn dispenses the wetness of the cigars. In case the humidor is packed with cigars, then there are just a few cubic centimeters of air kept.

The limited proportions imply that the humidifier using its evaporation vent is usually placed very near the cigars. Put into all this are changes in temps, which have a direct impact on the comparative air humidity. The effect is unevenly humidified cigars – from soggy and tender to dried up, anything can be done.

At this time I’d like to offer some advice how in order to a well-designed humidor from a badly-designed one. We use the following conditions to gauge:

– Maintenance of the comparative air wetness in the humidor at as frequent an even as possible

– Coverage of the cigars against damage

– Suitability for carrying a variety of formats

– Convenience, controlling and serviceability.

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