How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off?


Losing weight and also keeping it off is everybody’s dream. Staying fit and healthy requires a great amount of motivation; along with a healthy diet plan, a workout regime also needs to be followed regularly. Thailand fitness camp inspires and encourages everyone to stay fit and healthy and also keep the fat off, for good.

Simple tips to lose weight and staying in shape include:

1. Regular exercise routine:

Regular exercise keeps your muscles toned and help you stay in shape. If you want to lose some weight, you can do cardio for half an hour and then muscle toning exercises for another half hour. If you have shed your required weight, you can just continue doing cardio for half an hour everyday, in order to stay fit and healthy.

2. Eat healthy:

Always keep a check on your calories. Keep a calorie counter in your phone and count calories that you are allowed to consume per day. Eat green salads, soups, fruits and vegetables. Detox your body with fresh lemon juice in lukewarm water, and shed all that fat away. Keep having detox drinks in order to stay fresh and healthy.

3. Stay motivated:

This is the key to losing weight. It is extremely vital to stay motivated and try to mold your lifestyle in such a way that requires no extra efforts. Stay motivated, eat healthy and stay fit!

4. Cheat once a week:

In order to stay healthy and crave less about all those yummy, mouth watering foods, you can take one day off from your week and treat yourself to anything at all. Go for curly fries or a fudge brownie once a week, so you enjoy the taste and cherish it for the next 6 days! Itkeeps you healthy and you can still enjoy the mini perks in controlled amounts.

This way you can lose weight and make sure it remains lost.

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