Does Memory Foam Have Dust Mites?

When I bought my new memory foam mattress, I was absolutely thrilled with how well I slept at night. When I was still sleeping on my old mattress, I kept noticing that I would wake up sniffly in the morning and I had itchy eyes. I have always had some allergies over the years, but the nights seemed to be worse for some reason.

When I visited my doctor, he suggested I might need to change out my old mattress and pillows for new ones if I had been using them for a very long time. I decided since I was going to get a new mattress, I would go for the memory foam since I had heard so many good things about them. I have been sleeping much better since I started sleeping on it and I love my memory foam pillow too.

However, I did wonder if I might once again have issues because of dust mites after my mattress and pillow got a little older. I visited Luxury of the Pharaohs and found a great deal of information associated with memory foam and dust mites. So far, I am still in love with my new bedding purchase and I am not waking up with a stuffy head and itchy eyes anymore.

Now I firmly believe what they always said about old mattresses and pillows. You do need to buy new ones after a number of years to help avoid so much exposure to dust mites while you sleep and also how much better you feel when your bed is so comfortable and inviting too!

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