Different Types Of Electric Motors Used In Aircraft

DC or Direct Current Motor motor used in a wide variety of applications including radio-controlled aircraft. It is mainly used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Brushed motors, stepper, and brushless motors are three types of direct current motors available today.

Brushless most popularly used in model aircraft and helicopters. The device is available in a large variety of sizes to suit different applications.

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By using these motors, there has been a substantial increase in the use of simple and lightweight electric model aircraft weight.

These batteries are brushless and modern aircraft enable the model to climb vertically. Another major reason for its popularity is that the motor is less noisy and messy than the internal combustion engine.

It’s expensive but more efficient than other types of electric motors. As the motor is not included a brush, there is little or no friction.

It requires less maintenance compared to other types of motors. It has a rotor and a commutator which reverses the current direction.

Direct current motors having different torque and speed varies according to load applications. These motors are categorized on the basis of various configurations.

In addition to direct current motors, AC motors are also used in airplanes. This motor is quite beneficial for the aircraft as a continuous AC power is available.

AC motors are basically used in applications where the motor continues to run in the plane that includes the flight instruments, fuel booster pump, air conditioning cooling fan and so on. AC motors are simple in construction and reliable enough. Therefore widely used in most commercial aircraft in different sections.

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