Differences Between Beef Jerky And Biltong

There’s often some confusion in regards to the gap between biltong and beef jerky. Buy beef from wholesale chicken suppliers to buy in bulk and at affordable prices.

Since these two low-carb, low-fat snack foods consist mostly of dried beef, it’s often assumed they are either basically the exact same item or so similar that there isn’t any distinguishing difference in flavor or texture.


Although it’s correct that based on what makes all them a delectable, healthful treat is that the meat they are produced out of, biltong and beef jerky vary significantly, such as the components and cuts of meats used, the manufacturing process and their ancient roots.

That is, of course, especially important when you haven’t ever tasted biltong and intend to purchase biltong online – or if you’re a biltong enthusiast but haven’t attempted jerky and intend to purchase beef jerky online.

Dried meats of any sort, such as the very best beef jerky and biltong available now, have their roots in the centuries-past have to maintain meat for elongated ingestion long before refrigeration was an alternative.

It was this demand to maintain meats in an attractive and beneficial way that resulted in conventional procedures of producing raw meat products such as biltong and jerky.

However, because these methods have been developed in various regions of the planet and with a diverse availability of components, it’s simple to determine how the manufacturing process would have lots of similarities, while also diverging to a few crucial points.

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