Cutting Equipment Of Welding Industry

Cutting equipment in the welding industry has developed. Oxy-fuel and plasma cutting are popular procedures which produce the whole process quicker.

Oxy-fuel cutting machines

When iron or steel is heated to a temperature of 1600⁰ F it burns when in contact with oxygen. In oxy-fuel cutting, a jet of pure oxygen is directed into the hot metal that burns through a narrow zone called a kerf.

The alloy is preheated to ignition temperate and the flow of pure oxygen is directed into the hot metal, which ignites the steel or iron and starts the cut. After the oxygen torch is moved forward, the metal continues to burn, which induces the cutting procedure. If you are interested in buying a  cutting machine then you can check out ‘Sky Electric Machineries Co., Ltd’ (which is also known as’บริษัท สกายอีเลคทริคแมชชินเนอรี่ จำกัด  ‘ in the Thai language).

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It’s important to achieve the ideal balance between the oxygen jet size, intensity of the fire, and speed of motion for a constant, precise cut. The flow of gas and oxygen is controlled by valves on the face of the cutting attachment. The oxygen jet is controlled by pressure exerted on a lever.

There are various cutting hints available with the flashlight which must be chosen according to material thickness.

Plasma cutting machines

Plasma cutting is another popular method used to make precision cuts in materials of varying depth. It is among the most efficient and economical procedures that require the introduction of ionized gases through a constricting orifice. Gases are heated until they reach plasma, the fourth state of matter. The plasma is then directed at a workpiece at high speed. It heats the surface and melts the material to create precision cuts. Standard plasma arc cutters feature an arc beginning circuit, flashlight, and electricity supply.

The arc beginning circuit generates high voltage, up to 10,000 volts, to make a high-intensity arc at the flashlight to activate ionization and create the plasma. The nozzle and electrode within the flashlight constricts and maintains a continuous plasma jet. The flashlight also provides cooling for the nozzle and electrode.

Plasma cutting procedures

There are various kinds of plasma cutting procedures. In conventional plasma cutting, one gas like nitrogen or air is used to cool and create the plasma. This technique is useful for cutting material under 5/8″ thick.

Dual gas plasma cutting uses one gas for the plasma and one to act as a shield gas. This is among the most popular techniques in which the shield gas protects the cut area from the air and produces a cleaner cut border.

Other procedures include water shield and water retention plasma cutting, and precision plasma cutting. Oxy-fuel cutters are excellent for steel and other ferrous metals which support the oxidizing process. On the other hand, plasma cutting doesn’t depend on oxidation and may, therefore, be used to reduce various kinds of metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, and other conductive metals.

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