Barcode Printers – Things You Want To Know Before You Invest

You will find a couple of inkjet printers utilized to produce barcodes tags. Let’s take a look at a number of pros and cons you’ll want to be aware of before you choose one.

Consumer Grade Label Printers

Consumer-based label printers (Also known as “เครื่องพิมพ์ฉลากแบบอิงผู้บริโภค” in the Thai language) may be applied as inkjet printers. Dymo label printers and also Brother label printers are just two choices for one to check it.

They will have great prices and arrive in a fantastic range to pick from. You may purchase them easily on the net or by Office Works.

Great too for office conditions. If you have labeling requirements over a couple of hundred tags, maybe not really a smart choice whilst the press costs will probably crucify you.

Are also merely guide thermal printers. Meaning no permanency of printing onto the tag. Therefore for some software where the printing on the tag has to endure for quite a while, these aren’t really an excellent option.


  • Very Reasonably Priced.
  • Effortless to Find and buy.


  • The press is quite pricey.
  • Have a manual thermal printer, therefore, publish label will vanish after time, based on the environment they are going to be used to get.

Laser Printers – The normal workplace laser printer is utilized to print bar codes. Sheet tags are often bought to get this done. This isn’t just a passionate barcode printer.


  • Very cost-effective for low volume printing.
  • Sheet tags are absolutely reasonably priced.


  • Immediate quilting. Print tags aren’t permanent and can vanish.
  • You can’t place a volume with this particular and need to use the whole sheet once you publish.

Some kinds of Printers maybe not suggested for printing barcodes. Broadly speaking, disagreements are produced to the recorder when printing, perhaps not allowing the barcode scanner to see the barcode.

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