All About Self-Sustainable Urban Farm

By definition a ‘self-sustainable farm’ is one which should satisfy our nutritional wants, enhance our natural environment with the natural resources we use to keep in our farm and will sustain our farm’s monetary viability.

We help our urban farm achieve these goals having an ecologically sound foundation as our approach. Whether we are planning a residential area based fruit & vegetable backyard, we should keep some principles in mind while we are still in the planning stage.

Plant peanuts as soon as possible, these plants form symbioses with all the nitrogen fixing bacteria rhizobia.

Think of alternative methods of irrigation to water your crops besides opening up the tap.

Recycle your previous crop and animals waste to fertilize your land. Keep a compost heap with all your vegetables and fruit peels, eggshells or any other food scraps we may otherwise throw out. This is a great all-organic method for sustainable urban farms and will save you a fortune in future fertilizer prices.

Grow a range of plants and vegetables concurrently. This helps reduce disease and pests problems, in the event certainly one of your crops would to fall to disease or pests, you will still have a harvest and fill your pantry.

Planting diverse plants will supply a natural habitat for infestations eating insects and birds, another great learn to sustainability.

You can grow certain plant species to attract beneficial insects. Plants to take into account are amaranths, coriander, cosmos, dill, lemon balm, and parsley to name some. Introduce worms to your backyard, worms provide worm castings which in turn beneficial bacteria and fungi to the soil that plants love.

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