5 Interesting Photo Booth Trends You Will Totally Love

Photobooths are quite fun and make for a great add on for many parties and occasions these days. Despite the presence of smartphones, people are finding it amazing to try out better themes through the photo booth sessions. Many trends have taken over parties and special occasions in the recent months and changed the way we take pictures via photo booths. We are listing the most popular trends of Photo Booths in Sydney:

GIF Booths:

The GIF Booth trend has become a total favourite for everyone involved. It is so amazing and in tune with the times, yet it follows very simple process. The photo booth takes a succession of the pictures and the are compiled in a software. The software creates great memorable GIFs to capture your moments in an animated succession.

Diy photo booth (Do It Yourself)

The DIY Photo booth is also a fast rising trend and has caught the fancy of many people at parties and at weddings. You can use various props in this method set in a back drop. People prepare their own personal wall papers made out of hand made paper or pin up poster behind. The result is a personalized photo booth session,

Glam Booths:

The Glam photobooths gives a fashionista type of touch to the pictures. The editing tools are used in such a way that it looks like the photographs were taken at a famous fashion studio and not a regular place. Glitters and filters make it more fun than you can imagine.

Selfie Booths:

Selfie stand invites more participation from the user. A tablet is placed with a selfie stand using a photo booth application. Now after taking a selfie or creating a boomerang with great custom styles, the user can also upload the picture on social media.

Lip Syncing Booths:

Lip Syncing Photo Booth is the most entertaining form of Photo Booths. The users can choose a music piece, sync their lips and make a short video. This is a great way to keep the users engaged.

You can also participate in the madness by trying out these photos both trends in Sydney. You can contact various Photobooth providers who can help you make some memorable time at a party or any occasion

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